Part 2 - further talks available - History and Travel Talks

Murder, Madness and Mayhem? - The Belgian Royal Family  

For a monarchy that has only been in existence since independence in 1830, be assured there’s lots to tell.  Explore, too, their links with the British Royal Family.


“Prima!” said a Belgian audience member in East Grinstead.  “Brilliant!” St Lukes Ladies, Rochester.





Eva Braun – victim or contriver?

Hear the story of the woman who devoted her life to Hitler.  The material of the talk is sensitively presented in order to appeal to a wide audience.  Reassuringly Jewish audience members regularly tell me that this talk could safely be given at a synagogue.  

Three women, one man – glamour, wealth and heartbreak

A thought-provoking talk revealing how the lives of four mystery icons intertwine in their pursuit of wealth, status and power.  Can money ever buy love and happiness?

“I joined the Rotary to hear intelligent, well-researched talks – and you just gave one!”





The History of Morris Dancing 


Hear the story of one of England's oldest traditions.  Hear the truth about the 'black face' tradition.  Bookable for the Morris Season – 1st May to 30th September each year.    


And so to Ted ... a History of Teddies and other bears

A wide-ranging, fun talk of Bear Essentials to appeal to arctophiles and bear lovers!


Be sure to bring your bears along to hear the talk!  It adds to the fun and it's amazing what people have in the back of cupboards.


Be assured this talk works well in mixed audiences. 

From Passchendaele to Peace?  Did the war end in 1918?

An illustrated talk providing an overview of the events of the final months of The Great Wa, the 1920s through to 1939.  From the Battle of Passchendaele, the Russian Revolution, the Germans' Spring Offensive, the arrival of the Americans, the Last Hundred Days, the Armistice in 1918, the rebuilding, the Treaty of Versailles and the aftermath.  Did the war end in 1918 or did it only pause?


‘Really interesting’. ‘Lots to make us think’ Canterbury Cathedral Friends Society


The Suffragettes and the Suffragists - Votes for Women

A popular, thought-provoking talk. Originally commissioned for the centenary of Leigh WI.


“Tremendous research and local stories too!”

“Delighted!” – members of Leigh WI



Elizabeth Barton – the Maid of Kent - 1506-1534

This young visionary of Aldington in Kent was so dangerous to Henry VIII, Ann Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon that she had to be executed.  Hear why, in this commissioned talk.  The talk includes the work of artist Lauren McMahan.

Ostend - it's more than just fish and flip-flops  

Explore the many features of this popular Belgian sea-side town.  From its earliest beginnings, lost Ostend, the significance of its artists and architecture, a playground of kings, the considerable role in both wars and its ships, herring and sandcastles. Available to book for 2020.


Curious Flanders – off the beaten track in Belgium.  

The tiny country of Belgium, and especially Flanders, has lots of quirky sights to offer.  A colourfully illustrated talk to entertain your audience and provide ideas of places to visit in Flanders – including further parks and gardens to enjoy.



The Story of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission

A talk commissioned by a London Family History Society keen to inform their visits to CWGC war graves in France and Belgium.  Both well-known and less well-known sites are illustrated and described using personal knowledge from extensive field work.


Relics of World War II in Europe

A wide-ranging talk, visiting what remains in the landscape today in Europe of the Second World War.  The armchair traveller will see the remnants of architecture built by the Third Reich regime in Belgium, France, Germany.  The material of the talk is sensitively presented so as to appeal to a wide audience.  Please enqure about availability. 



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