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Wandering on the Somme

A companion talk to my Wandering in Flanders Fields talk, visiting the known and less well-known sites of The Somme to commemorate the 100th anniversary in 2016.  Be inspired by today's beautifully restored landscape that witnessed momentous days

during the First World War.  The talk contains

other sights to see in the beautiful Somme area of France – be assured it’s “way more than the usual mud and trenches”.

This talk was given at the ACM of the West Sussex Federation of Womens Institutes in autumn 2016 to astonishing reponse.  


Third Reich sites today for the curious traveller

A wide ranging talk, visiting what remains in the landscape from this regime that affected the lives of millions. The material of the talk is sensitively presented in order to appeal to a wide audience. Enquire about availibility.


Eva Braun – victim or contriver?

Hear the story of the woman who devoted her life to Hitler.  The material of the talk is sensitively presented in order to appeal to a wide audience. 

Three women, one man – glamour, wealth and heartbreak

A thought-provoking talk revealing how the lives of four mystery icons intertwine in their pursuit of wealth, status and power.  Can money ever buy love and happiness?











The History of Morris Dancing 


Hear the story of one of England's oldest traditions.  Hear the truth about the 'black face' tradition.  Bookable for the Morris Season – 1st May to 30th September each year.    


And so to Ted ... a History of Teddies and other bears

A wide-ranging, fun talk of Bear Essentials to appeal to arctophiles and bear lovers!


Be sure to bring your bears along to hear the talk!



The Belgian Royal Family – murder, madness and mayhem?  

Although the Belgian monarchy dates from only 1830 be assured there's lots to tell of the stories of this royal family that will intrigue, confound and entertain.





From Passchendaele to Peace?  

An illustrated talk providing an overview of the events of the final months of The Great War and into the 1920s.  From the Battle of Passchendaele, the Russian Revolution, the Germans' Spring Offensive, the arrival of the Americans, the Last Hundred Days, the Armistice in 1918, the rebuilding and the Treaty of Versailles.  Did the war end in 1918 or did it only pause?  




The Suffragettes and the Suggragists - Votes for Women

 a new talk commissioned for the centenary of Leigh WI - available late 2018.  



Elizabeth Barton – the Maid of Kent - 1506-1534

A newly commissioned talk about the visionary of Aldington in Kent – available 2019




Curious Flanders – off the beaten track in Belgium.  

This tiny country has lots of quirky sights to offer.  A colourfully illustrated talk to entertain your audience and provide ideas of places to visit in Flanders - including further parks and gardens to enjoy.  Enquire about availibility. 


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