Guide for Groups booking Speakers (text 'borrowed' from a WI Federation) 







1.    Secretaries of Groups booking engaging Speakers are reminded, when writing to book Speakers, to enclose a stamped, addressed envelope with the letter/form and to mention the fee agreed so that the Speaker may confirm. 

Immediate written confirmation to the Speaker is always required to secure the booking. 

Provide written details of parking and the full address with Post Code of the venue.


2.    The cheque for the fee should be ready and payable to the Speaker personally – check carefully the spelling of the Speaker’s name.  The payee NAME on a cheque can never be altered and initialled – this will invalidate the cheque. 


3.    Check what equipment the speaker will provide for their presentation and what. If any, you need to provide at the venue.  Professional Speakers are likely to provide all their own equipment.


4.    When providing the ‘reminder’ to the Speaker, the week before, confirm the earliest time that the Speaker can enter the venue to set up and test their equipment before the main audience arrives. 


5.    Provide a contact telephone number for the Speaker to use on the day - ideally a mobile number - to inform of any unforeseen traffic delays.


6.    Most Speakers prefer to give their talk at the beginning of the meeting, once any health and safety notes have been given.  Groups are reminded that it is only courteous to allow a Speaker to begin at the time they ask for - even if this means leaving business until later. 


7.    Speakers are responsible for their own electrical equipment and must ensure any such equipment has been PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) tested.


8.  CANCELLATION POLICY - in the event that the Group cancels the booking, e.g. if the venue or the audience is not available or the Group has double-booked, then the Speaker is entitled to charge a 50% cancellation fee. 

The Speaker will have held the date for you - possibly for 12 months or more - turning down other requests for that date.  An alternative date should then be offered to the Speaker.


9.    The Speaker may sell items, such as their books, through the ‘Sales Table’ where the usual 10% commission will be deducted for the Group funds.